Customer and Order Manager

You use the Customer and Order Manager to manage customers and orders. It can be used to edit customers, their addresses, and manage their orders. Orders can be placed on hold and modified, including actions such as adding line items, initiating returns, or modifying payments.

The Commerce Business Tools, Customer and Order Manager, Merchandising Manager, and Pricing and Promotions Manager, rely on the Commerce Engine services to retrieve and update Commerce data.

The Commerce Business Tools connect to Sitecore Commerce web services. The configuration for the service connection is Sitecore.Commerce.UX.Shared.config in the App_Config\Include of the Sitecore site.

The configuration contains two entries. The first entry is for the Application service, which is used to retrieve data. The second entry is for the Operations service, which is used for operations such as cache refresh. Both services have an entry for shopname.