Sitecore Commerce Primary Features

The following table lists the primary features and concepts of Sitecore Commerce:

Shopping Cart Manage interactions with a shopping cart.
Checkout Accept additional information during checkout.
Order Capture Capture an order after checkout.
Shops Shops support provides the ability to administrate multiple shops, both online branded and physical shops.
Catalog Abstract pipelines for integrating with other catalog systems.
Availability Manage the availability of sellable items.
Inventory Abstract artifacts for integrating with external inventory systems.
Entitlements Manage digital product ownership.
Fulfillment Manage orders fulfillment.
Payments Manage payment integration.
Sitecore Commerce Order Service Post-order capture support.
Sitecore Commerce Pricing Service Dynamic pricing that supports the ability to author and calculate at runtime pricing on products based on date, quantity and currency.
Sitecore Commerce Promotions Service Provides the ability to define and calculate at run time various promotions that the shop owner may wish to support.
Sitecore Commerce Entitlement Service Provides the ability to manage entitlement rights to digital assets to allow sales and support for digital products such as movies, games, or ebooks.
Views Business user focused API for a customizable business user experience.
Dynamic Pricing Manage pricing by date, currency and quantity in the shopping cart.
Promotions A promotion is a unique offer that you present to a targeted group of customers or prospects.
DevOps Support for extension through development and deployment.