Preserve Extended Settings

There is now support for editing and preserving fields on products which are managed by Dynamics AX.

Previously, if Merchandising Manager detected a license that supported Dynamics AX, it went into read-only mode. Now, if Merchandising Manager detects a piece of configuration which is deployed by Commerce Server Connect for AX, Merchandising Manager disables any fields in the UI that are coming from Dynamics AX. If you want to put additional fields on an item and manage it in Merchandising Manager, you must create a new template for the item and add those fields. The template with the new fields cannot live under /sitecore/templates/Commerce in the master database, because that new template would then be added to the list of Base Templates of the template you want the fields to appear in.

In the following example, a template called Custom Fields has been created under Templates in Master:

Then the template was added to the Base template field of Commerce Catalog Item, so that the fields will appear on Category, Product, and Variant.

Those fields now appear as editable in Merchandising Manager.

Now the Save button is enabled. Previously when running in AX mode, the Save button was always disabled.