Promotion Details

The Promotion Details page has a section which displays a high level information about the promotion, such as Name, Description, Display Name, and various text strings that can be used in applications of the promotion depending on your implementation. The Valid From and Valid To dates show you the date range of the promotion. The Status field shows if the Promotion is currently in Draft, Pending Approval, Approved, or Disabled. The Is Exclusive field shows if the promotion is favored over all other matching promotions. If multiple promotions qualify, the first by Valid From date that is flagged as Is Exclusive will be applied.

The Items section of the Promotion Details page is used to associate qualifying items to a promotion. It has an Add action which opens a tool that allows you to select products and variants from the catalogs that are associated to the Promotion Book.

The Qualifications section is used to select more complex qualifications for the Promotion. You can add qualifications such as "Cart Subtotal [compares] to [specific value]?". Adding qualifications is a multi-step process, so the condition that you select in the first step will determine the next step you are presented with. In this example, you would be presented with a drop-down field for the operator – equal, greater than, less than, and so on - to use when comparing the cart subtotal to a value. Qualifications can be put together using AND or OR.
Note: Sitecore Commerce does not support promotions that use cart subtotal qualifications to apply line item benefits.

The Benefits section of the Promotion shows what benefit is received if the promotion is qualified. For example, free shipping, or 50% off the order. You can Add, Edit or Delete benefits. Adding Benefits is a multi-step process, so the type of benefit you select on the first screen will determine the subsequent steps you are presented with.

Promotions can be qualified by coupons. There are two coupon options, Public Coupons and Private Coupons.

A Public Coupon is a string of text that can be used multiple times, and is the type of coupon you might use on a television or radio campaign. You can create a Public Coupon by using the Add action on the Public Coupon module and entering the text string you want to identify the Code. For example, "FREESHIPPING".

Private Coupons are the type of coupon you might use in an email campaign. Each code is for a single use and is individual. You can create a Private Coupon by using the Add action on the Private Coupon module, specify how many codes you want to create, and specify a prefix and suffix for the codes. The system will automatically create the code in the middle. Once the Private Coupon is created, you can allocate sets of codes. For example: You create a private coupon with a total of 10000 codes. You allocate 5000 to a social media campaign, and 5000 to a direct mail campaign. You would select the Private Coupon, and then click Allocate. On the Allocate dialog you would enter 5000 and click OK. The system would then prompt you to download an Excel document containing the first 5000 codes. You would import this into you social media tools. Then you could create a second allocation, download the associated file with the additional 5000 codes and email it to your direct mail partner.