Global Actions

You can perform these from the top level of an order and from any tab of this entity. The Global Actions are available in the action menu, which is located at the upper right of the screen. Open the menu by clicking the down arrow. The actions are normally only available in this menu, but you can promote an action to be a favorite. Favorites are pinned to the menu bar. You promote an action by clicking the star next to it. You can demote a promoted action by clicking the star again.

Commerce Foundation enables and disables actions based on context and user permissions, so that only applicable actions are enabled. When you invoke an action, it can change the enabled/disabled status of other actions.

The global actions are:

Action Description
Cancel Order Cancels the current order.
Hold Order Holds any further processing of the order.
Release Hold Resumes processing of the order.
Undo Hold Undo the changes to an held order, keeps the order on hold.
Cancel Hold Cancels a hold on a held order.
Set Fulfillment Sets the shipping or delivery method.