Header Bar

The Header bar identifies the Web site, account information, view controls for the content area, navigation and search.

Figure: Header Bar

  • Sitecore Launch Pad Shortcut- Shortcut to the Sitecore Launchpad.
  • Accessed Commerce Server Website- Displays the name of the Commerce Server site instance opened for editing.
  • Site Commands Selector- Use this drop down menu to perform system level operations. Some of these operations are visible only to users with specific Commerce Operations security permissions..
  • Search Dialog Box- Use this control to enter text strings for search queries.
  • Search Control: Use this control to launch search queries.
  • Account information- Displays the name of the credentialed Business User account.
  • Logout- Click this link to suspend the session with the current Business User account.
  • Breadcrumbs- Use breadcrumbs to navigate back up the content tree hierarchy.
  • Content Item Type- Indicate the type of content item selected.
  • Content Item Name- name of the selected content item.