Sitecore Commerce Core Concepts

The following table shows and explains the core concepts in Sitecore Commerce:

Sitecore Commerce Engine A thin ASP.NET Core host for the Sitecore Commerce Framework.
Sitecore Commerce Core Provides a core set of capabilities for composing, organizing, and persisting entities, polices and lists. Commerce plugins use these core capabilities to provide commerce functionality.
Multiple Environments

Sitecore Commerce Environments gives the ability to have pools of data and service functionality that run together in a single service instance, and that can be configured separately. Environments can share a persistent store, or they can be separated and have own exclusive persistent store.

Business Task Focused API

Sitecore Commerce Command provides the ability to specify, secure, track, and audit a set of business focused activities.

Business Focused Artifact Management

A simple artifact oriented persistence that uses serialized POCO-based models by using a provider model with integration with SQL Server.

  • Flexible Abstract Entity Storage.
  • Simple API to allow plugging a variety of storage options.
  • Versionable.
  • Implemented as a plugin.
Policy Driven

A policy is a named, versionable, and variable set of data that can be used as facts within behaviors to influence behavioral outcomes. This provides a mechanism for viewing, simulating, and changing core decision criteria that can be used in business processes or other policy-driven behavior. A number of plugins customize policies to add additional facts to existing policies, add new policies, or implement new concepts such as dynamic pricing.

Managed Lists

Managed lists provide ability to track lists of entities based on state or based on activities to be performed on them. Sitecore Commerce uses managed lists to provide organizational structure and to support business processes.

Asynchronous Processing

Sitecore Commerce support asynchronous processing through minions. A minion is a task that runs asynchronously and does work on your behalf. A minion can do one action and stop, or you can assign it to repeatedly iterate a list and perform business functions on items in the list, or move them to other lists as defined by the process.

Pluggable Extensibility

The Sitecore Commerce plugin framework provides a powerful mechanism to seamlessly enhance and extend Sitecore Commerce functionality. This reduces future upgrade complexities.


The SDK provides a set of tools and examples to get up and running quickly, and to learn how Sitecore Commerce works.