Order Details Page

The Order Details page displays a summary view of fields from throughout the Order. Some are editable fields from the Order item, some are projections of properties from components of the order, and some are computed fields such as Order Grand Total or Order Payments Total.

An Order can be edited by using the Order global actions. Pending Orders can be put On Hold in order to perform changes. Once an Order is On Hold, it can be Cancelled, the hold can be cancelled, the changes in the hold can be undone, or a fulfillment can be set on the order. After changes are completed, the hold must be released so that the Order can go back in to the queue to be processed.

Orders modules can be extended, but by default they contain modules for RMAs, Payments, Order Entitlements, Fulfilments, and Line Items. An Order must be in a completed state in order to request an RMA. All other changes must be initiated on an Order that was previously in the Pending or Problem states, and is now On Hold.