Sitecore Commerce Service API

The Sitecore Commerce Service API provides the ability for external entities to execute functions within Sitecore Commerce. The API is RESTful based on Odata. Odata provides built-in benefits, for example supporting annotations on metadata, which enables clients to pre-validate and support enumerable properties.

Sitecore Commerce Service API commands can be short or long running. Long running commands return a token that can be used to check the status of a command. Commands are request/response oriented.

The API can be extended by adding commands via a Sitecore Commerce plugin.

The Sitecore Commerce Service API is made up of three role-oriented APIs, each targeting specific logically separated business needs:

  • CommerceOps API: for the DevOps role in managing a Sitecore Commerce implementation, including methods to create and manage Commerce Environments and global policies.
  • CommerceShops API: for supporting the online shopping experience such as a web storefront. For example, when adding to a cart in the Reference Storefront, the related processor in Sitecore Commerce Connect makes an API call to the Commerce Engine to perform the cart activity and return a result.
  • CommerceAuthoring API: for business users. It introduces the "Entity Views" concept, which is a mechanism for mapping potentially complex Sitecore Commerce entities into a flattened structure that can be dynamically represented in business tools.