The Sitecore Commerce Promotions service provides the underlying infrastructure and functionality for defining, evaluating and applying promotions to products, at defined levels of granularity. A Promotion is an artifact that defines a set of qualifications for awarding a benefit, or a collection of benefits. Promotions can be configured to apply in a number of forms. For example: percent off, amount off depending on the currency, free shipping, access to a service, and so on. Promotions can be applied to a product, or at the Cart level. When a Promotion is applied to the Cart, the Promotion can be calculated real time as part of the Cart calculation.

Promotions are organized into Promotion Books. A Promotion Book is an Entity that acts as a collection of individual Promotions, which enables promotions to be stacked. A Promotion Book can apply to products in one or more Catalogs, which enables Promotions to be expressed for particular customer segments.

Other Promotions features include:

  • Promotion authoring - Support for managing promotions from a Business Tool or integration with external systems, via an Odata service.
  • Customer targeted qualifications - For example, targeting customer profile or customer order history.
  • Environmental targeted qualifications - For example, targeting channel, date/time, shop, catalog, and so on.
  • Coupons - The Sitecore Commerce Coupons plugin provides coupon generation, tracking, and redemption. A coupon can qualify a promotion in a single use, such as a private coupon for a single customer, or multi-use, such as a public coupon.