Commerce Server web services account and application pool assignments

When you unpack a site, Commerce Server selects and installs the web services. Each Commerce Server web service requires the definition of a Windows user account, Windows user group, SQL Server login account, and an application pool. Create the Windows user accounts before you unpack a site, and create the SQL Server login accounts and application pools after you unpack the site. The following table lists the default names that are used by Commerce Server and in this deployment guide:

Commerce Server Web service Default name Windows/SQL Login account Windows user group Application pool
Catalog CatalogWebService CatalogWebSvc CatalogAdminGroup, IIS_IUSRS CatalogWebSvcAppPool
Profiles ProfilesWebService ProfilesWebSvc ProfilesAdminGroup, IIS_IUSRS ProfilesWebSvcAppPool
WebSite <site_name> RuntimeUser IIS_USRS <site_name>AppPool

It is recommended that you create unique web service account names, SQL Server login account names, Windows user groups, and application pools for each site you unpack. You can share application pools, but it is not recommended.

Users of the scope-level roles only have access to the profile type within the scope name. For example, members of the ProfileWriter_BusinessManager role in the UserObject scope only have access to the UserObject profile definition. You must add users to each scope-level role individually.