Commerce Server user and service accounts

The following table lists the accounts that are created or that you create when you install the prerequisite software. You must create the <CS Installer>, <CS Staging User>, CSLOB, and RunTimeUser accounts before you install Commerce Server. After installation, you will create SQL Server Login accounts, and associate the user accounts with Windows user groups.

Account name Description Windows user group SQL Server login account
<CS Installer> Account of person logged on to install and configure Commerce Server. Administrator, CatalogAdminGroup, MarketingAdminGroup, OrdersAdminGroup, ProfilesAdminGroup not applicable
<CS Staging User> Account of person who manages Commerce Server Staging. not applicable <CS Staging User>
CSLOB Commerce Server Adapters identity. not applicable not applicable
CSStageSvc Commerce Server Staging (CSS) service identity. CSS_SG, CSS Administrators, CSS Operators CSStageSvc