Commerce Server base properties

The business tools depend on specific Commerce Server base properties that may not be provided with your Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 deployment. If your deployment excludes installing the sample AdventureWorks and Habitat catalogs, then you must add the following base properties to the Commerce Server catalog, product and variant entities:


  • Description (Text)
  • PriceCardName (Text)


  • VariationPriceCardName (Text)


  • PriceBookName (Text)
  • PromotionBookName (Text)
  • PriceBookAssocationDate (Date, Time, Date-Time)
  • PromotionBookAssocationDate (Date, Time, Date-Time)

PriceBookName (Text)

PromotionBookName (Text)

PriceBookAssociationDate (Date, Time, Date-Time)

PromotionBookAssociationDate (Date, Time, Date-Time)

For reference, these properties are presented in the following files in the Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 release package:

  • Catalog.xml – applies to the AdventureWorks sample catalog
  • Habitat_Master.xml – applies to the Habitat sample catalog

These base properties can be added in Commerce Server using the Catalog and Schema Manager tool, or by modifying the Catalog.xml import file.

These base properties behave as any other base properties. For example they can be imported and exported, and are nullable.