Commerce Environment bootstrapping

A Commerce Environment is a segmentation of commerce products or services, such as by product type or region. For example, the Reference Storefront uses the electronics catalog as an example Environment.

Commerce Environment bootstrapping includes:

  • Initialize Environment:
    • Inject entities from Core.
    • Inject Policies from Core.
    • Inject relationships from Core.
    • Inject entities using plugins.
    • Inject relationships using plugins.
    • Inject Policies using plugins.
    • Add Entity Store to an Environment.
  • Initialize Environment Entity Store.
  • Initialize Environment Policy Store.

Bootstrapping a Commerce Environment:

  • The BootstrapEnvironment command registers a new environment in the global environment
  • The HTTP request is received via Sitecore Commerce Service API
  • The BootstrapEnvironmentPipeline allows the injection of Environment initial Entities and Policies by any plugin.